Welcome to the Restorative Learning School

Welcome to the Restorative Learning School (RLS)

The Restorative Learning School (RLS) offers a full-time educational placement for pupils who are on fixed-term exclusion. We can receive LAC and vulnerable pupils on the first day of exclusion and other pupils on the sixth day of exclusion. Please contact the RLS team for further details.

At The Restorative Learning School, we provide a positive, high quality, calm and work-focused learning environment. This enables pupils to refocus on their education. Pupils have the opportunity to catch up on work they may have missed and to re-engage with their learning. It is an opportunity for schools to provide work for the pupil, which they need to complete in order to facilitate a smooth return to school.

If schools do not wish to use this opportunity for pupils to catch up, we will provide age and level-appropriate work in Maths, English, Science and other subjects.

Pupils work in silence at the RLS; our approach is for independent learning to be developed and encouraged. A quiet working environment also provides the space for pupils to reflect on why they have been excluded and what they need to do to put things right. It is this reflective process that has the most impact.

We adopt restorative approaches to resolve conflict and repair relationships. Pupils have the opportunity to talk about the reason for exclusion and what they could have done differently at the initial interview. At the hand-off interview they have the opportunity to share their reflections and how their time with us will influence future behaviour at school.

Parents and carers play an integral part in ensuring their children behave well at RLS. We contact both the excluding school and parents for any breaches in our Code of Conduct.

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