We have devised an exciting and engaging PSHCE Programme at New Regents College in partnership with Young Hackney. This programme is designed to provided pupils with the relevant information and guidance to keep themselves safe as well as giving them time to reflect on their own experiences and the experiences of others and use this to inform their own decision making. The programme is delivered weekly by various professionals from the Young Hackney provision throughout the year. 


Topics covered by Young Hackney throughout the year are as follows: 

Autumn 1 - Identity

Autumn 2 - Relationships (Friends, Family)

Spring 1 - Sexual Health & Wellbeing, Sex and the Law, Consent, On line safety

Spring 2 - Substance Misuse & Dealing

Summer 1 - Offending by Young People, Stop & Search; RJ

Summer 2 - Theme to be decided based on Pupil Voice

In addition to this we also engage with a variety of external professionals throughout the year that run projects ranging from one off sessions to six week programs.


These professionals include:

  • Mentavation
  • Tender
  • Cardboard Citizens
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Citizen UK
  • Blesma
  • Diversity Models
  • Armed Forces
  • Safer Schools
  • Safer London