KS3 Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview in KS3 2020 - 2021

The focus this year is improving Reading in KS3. Pupils will have an additional Reading Programme lesson at the start and at the finish of each day. All pupils will participate in Accelerated Maths and Accelerated English and all pupils will have a personalised online English and Maths lesson through the MyTutor Programme to close gaps in learning and to fast track progress.

Thematic Approach:

A thematic approach allows pupils to investigate a concept or problem in all curricular areas. This allows pupils to make connections across subject areas and apply themselves in a number of different ways. We have found that thematic approaches to curriculum delivery offer a range of advantages over subject-based modes of delivery including improved pupil motivation. A thematic approach stimulates pupils to make connections between subjects and the world around them. It builds confidence and motivation for our pupils to learn through the use of a range of learning and teaching styles.


•          The Mathematics department at New Regent’s College aims to help pupils reach their full academic potential, stretching the most able learners as well as supporting those that are not as strong in the subject

•          Pupils are taught four to five lessons of Mathematics a week, covering the full breath of the National Curriculum. In addition, pupils are set weekly homework to ensure they are carrying out an adequate amount of independent learning

•          Pupils are taught Mathematics using a variety of teaching styles and resources giving them the best opportunity to learn the concepts involved

•          Pupils are taught to develop fluency, reason and solve problems helping them gain a deeper understanding of Mathematics

•          High standards are expected of all learners in order to secure a good platform for success in their GCSEs and other qualifications


National Curriculum content areas:

•          Number

•          Algebra

•          Ratio, proportion and rates of change

•          Geometry and measures

•          Probability

•          Statistics


Half Term 3 – Thematic Approach: Survival


Overview: students will focus on the units ‘Working in the Cartesian plane’, ‘Multiplicative Change’ and ‘Area of Trapezia and Circles’ applying their knowledge to the context of survival.


Overview:  Students will be studying A Monster Calls with excerpts from the Lord of the flies (to support collaborative learning) – focusing on and exploring notions of survival.

Computer Science & Creative Learning


Using sketch-up to design and make housing, dens, tents and shelters.


Collaborative Learning

Overview: Students will be learning different methods of survival. This will entail work around students finding ways to survive after an aeroplane crash, identifying which equipment will be the most useful.


Overview: Euthanasia? Mercy killings? Motor neurone syndrome. Debating the laws around Euthanasia and countries, which allow vs death penalty in the USA (Texas death row). Stephen Hawkins was given one year to survive and outlived all predictions. The Theory of Everything.


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