Reintegration Process

When pupils have completed the period of fixed term exclusion, we are happy to provide support with the excluding school to discuss re-integration strategies.

Upon completion of the fixed term exclusion, referring schools will receive a detailed report (Student file) outlining the attendance and behaviour of the pupil whilst at the RLS, this will also include any interventions completed at the RLS and may include the anger management programme delivered to students by the RLS team and the pupils own comments.

We work closely with excluding schools, parents and carers and are fully supported by New Regent’s College. Pupils are supervised at all times. At break and lunch time they remain in the RLS grounds and do not mix with any pupils from New Regent’s College. Lunch is provided to all students. They have the choice of tuna, cheese or chicken baguette or sandwiches, dessert, water and juice  which they eat in the RLS. Pupils are not allowed off site at any time. The Pupil’s well-being remains central. Our aim is to ensure pupils do not return to the Restorative Learning School.

Pupils are offered the opportunity of 1:1 sessions to work on various aspects of their behaviour and attitude to learning. For all pupils at RLS we conduct a Pupil Attitude to Self and School (P.A.S.S.) survey which informs both the pupil and school of any areas the pupil may need to focus on to avoid any future exclusions.  RCADS (Revised children's anxiety and depression scale) questionnaire is also completed by the pupil and the results shared with the referring school. Schools find this diagnostic tool helpful in developing strategies to help the pupil on their return.

The RLS team provides mentoring sessions tailored to meet their needs and future aspirations. These sessions allows the learners to be meet their targets set by the school and the RLS.

The RLS team will be able to facilitate meetings held by professionals and other agencies at the RLS with prior notice.