Key Stage 1 & 2


About Us

At NRC Primary we aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and achieve academically, emotionally, socially and behaviourally. All staff and agencies involved at NRC Primary promote spiritual, moral, social and reflective development and this is ingrained into all our daily practice. We use the principles of the Nurture Group Network in promoting their specific approach to teaching in order to allow for more effective learning. Nurturing principles are based on valuing not only the pupils but also staff and parents, and seeking to understand and respect them as unique individuals.

We succeed in doing this through setting relevant and realistic challenges and targets so that every pupil has the equal opportunity to be successful and achieve all that they can.

Primary Curriculum

Our Curriculum Mission

Our curriculum at New Regent’s College Primary has the following aims:

  • To offer a broad and balanced curriculum for pupils’ academic and social development.
  • To engage, excite and inspire pupils through teaching and contexts for learning that capitalise on pupils experiences and backgrounds.
  • To accelerate pupils’ progress and attainment in English and Maths whenever possible through quality first teaching and through targeted bespoke interventions.
  • To promote pupils emotional resilience, behaviour for learning and attitude to learning so they have the best possible chance of moving on successfully.

We strongly value the principals of the Nurture Group Network and aim to teach utilising meaningful and purposeful links, which offers pupils breadth of opportunity for deeper learning. This ensures that pupils acquire and develop a range of skills which are underpinned by knowledge and practical experiences.

There is ongoing development of a ‘mastery’ curriculum where pupils have multiple opportunities to return to content, over time, in order to gain fluency in the core curriculum. For example, during ‘Green Time” and Friday Enrichment learning activities facilitate pupils in revisiting ideas and concepts in a variety of situations in order to slowly develop an understanding over time. Our teaching staff members work collaboratively to ensure that skills are progressively taught throughout the school, ensuring that expectations of pupils are high and appropriately challenging. The content of our curriculum is customised to meet the needs of our pupils.

There is a strong emphasis on providing pupils with opportunities to engage in learning within the community and through carefully planned enrichment activities. This is to add value to learning and maximise participation in community activities. This prepares them for the challenge of being an active citizen. Frequent visits and trips are organised regularly throughout the year to complement classroom teaching.

The teaching in phonics and reading is supported by a range of interventions and teachers have adapted their own schemes using Read, Write Inc., Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics. In order to further support the development of reading and writing skills and, develop a love of reading, each class starts the afternoon with a daily reading session to promote reading for pleasure.

  • Key Stage 1:  Mars Class
  • Lower Key Stage 2: Pluto
  • Upper Key Stage 2: Neptune Class