Arts Enrichment

Arts enrichment and Arts Award

As an alternative provision our cohort is made up of pupils who have previously struggled in formal education and this means that they arrive to us with the burdens and trauma of being permanently excluded. As a result many pupils lack the interest and self-belief required to be successful within school. Our arts focused approach has enabled these pupils with complex needs, which manifests as challenging behaviour, to access all subjects within the curriculum and begin to make real and accelerated progress.

We offer a rich arts based and culturally diverse curriculum. In Art pupils explore a non-Eurocentric bias, including Mexican Art, African Art, Aboriginal Art and Chinese Art. In Cooking, always a very popular subject, pupils are actively involved in designing and cooking menus with the focus on exploring food from across the world. In Maths pupils have explored mask making using polygons and origami to investigate the properties of shape. Pupils have participated in forum theatre and spoken word workshops and we regularly have visitors to school to run a range of arts based workshops and programs. Our NRC bands, acoustic guitar and rock, have performed at Assemblies and Ceremonies. The Royal Academy of Dance ‘Step into Dance’ is timetabled weekly for both Primary and Secondary and we have weekly tutorial sessions with Hackney Music Service where pupils learn to play an instrument.